Get ready to set goals, achieve real results & feel better than ever before through in person training. Whether you have never stepped foot in the gym or just need the extra push to achieve optimal results, everyone can benefit from personal training. I’m here to educate, motivate & make your goals a reality.

What You Can Expect:

  • Personalized workouts designed to fit your experience, abilities & goals.
  • Safe, knowledgeable & professional exercises to build your confidence, knowledge & understanding of effective, efficient & properly designed programming.
  • Motivation & support to make you look forward to training, each & every session.
  • Results are a must, I will always give 100% & expect the same. Together it will be a perfect combo for success!

Who is Training For:

I truly believe everyone can benefit from working with a personal trainer. I speak from experience, as I also utilize a trainer that can objectively design, support & push me in my workouts. A few areas I specialize in achieving results include:

  • Newbie: build a foundation, safe understanding, proper form & strong confidence in the gym to get you going. Don’t let gym intimidation hold you back!
  • Fat Loss: I have a great deal of experience working with those who want to lose 5lb all the way up to those needing to lose 100lbs+. Whatever your goals we will work in a safe, supportive & positive environment to encourage your progress.
  • Muscle Building: I love working with men & woman looking to build that muscle to achieve the body they desire. Whether it’s strength for a sport’s performance or aesthetic goals to feel great about. We will work hard to get strong!
  • Off the Wagon: Have an on-again, off-again relationship with your workouts. We will not only have great & effective workouts, we can focus on habit building to make exercise a part of your routine.
  • Not Seeing Results: Are you hitting the gym consistently yet not seeing the results you desire? Sometimes it’s about making sure the program you are working hard at is right for your goals. We will focus on a progressive plan to shake things up & keep you moving forward.

Ready to get started? Let’s pick a program that’s right for you & being:

One-on-One Training

Personal Training Includes:

  • Initial consultation, health history & fitness assessment.
  • Progress pictures, body fat & tracking measurements.
  • Additional weekly recommendations for cardiovascular, stretch & mobility needs.
  • Nutrition support & check ins to optimize workouts.

*Training options include 1-4 sessions per week for 6-24 week packages. Contact me to give you a custom recommendation & package that fits your goals!

Group Training

Small Group Training:

This can be a fun & positive way to workout with friends. I have worked with couples, co-workers & friends of varying fitness levels to push each other to show up, work hard & be healthy! Be a role model & grab a friend to finally commit to a fit lifestyle.

Benefits Include:

  • Discount on rates for couples or groups from size 2-8.
  • Personalized program to safely modify for various levels of experience.
  • Challenges along the way to motivate & push each other to the max.
  • Nutrition education & support to optimize your active lifestyle.

Nutrition Support Add-Ons

As important as a consistent exercise routine is, your nutrition has can make all the difference in achieving your goals. Take advantage of these great add-on nutrition services to get the most of your training experience:

Nutrition Analysis: Feel like you have been working hard to make healthy changes but aren’t quite seeing the results? Often times a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference! For this consultation, I will conduct a one-time analysis of your detailed food journal & new exercise regiment to make personalized recommendations to support your body & goals.

On-going Support: Need more support in reaching your goals? Extend your initial analysis to include weekly food journal reviews, guidelines, support and accountability. Nutrition plays a major factor in reaching your goals so don’t overlook this key component. 8 week, 12 week or 20 weeks programs available.

Client Experiences:

“I never enjoyed exercising, until I started training with Emma.  She goes above and beyond to motivate, and inspire!  She genuinely cares about her clients, and I have seen some real results!  I physically, and mentally feel better than I have in years!  Do yourself a favor, and get Emma on your team!” ~ Ericaa

Training Locations Available in Sandfly & Wilmington Island!

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