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Wine Wednesday Words

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If I were asked what 3 things would I bring with me to a deserted island, my answer would quickly be:

  1. My husband
  2. My dogs
  3. Wine
Don't worry, I could use the wine bottle for bicep curls too..wineOver the years my enjoyment of a glass of wine has blossomed into a full blown love affair. I not only enjoy drinking a big glass of my favorite cabernet, I love learning about it. My husband & I have taken multiple wine classes to know more about the origins, grape varieties & regional differences between each & every bottle. Am I an expert? Haha no in the slightest. I'll be real, my husband would diligently take notes as I would be 100% on top of the taste testing portion. After a few pours I stopped caring so much about where the damn grape originated & mostly wondered when the teacher would stop talking & continue pouring. But that's not the point...From a solo glass to end a long work day, to a wine tasting with friends & of course a shared bottled in the kitchen while cooking with my husband, it is one "liquid calorie" I just refuse to give it up. Now it's lovely to hear the experts throwing around headlines touting the "health benefits of wine" & having you believe that nightly glass has no consequence on our body composition. However let's be real.
  1. Who only pours 4-5oz into their glass? Hello 8-10oz "glass"...
  2. How often do you have more than one?
  3. Does that glass of wine loosen you up to a few after dinner treats?
  4. What are your goals?
Quite frankly all of that sucks! I would personally kill to be able to have 2 nightly glasses of vino & not see an extra layer appear around my waistline. BUT my reality is my body absolutely holds onto extra body fat when I drink alcohol too frequently.Bummer..IMG_2045Life isn't fair...& many other expletives I could spout.But that's reality & I had to at some point accept that it was interfering with my goals.Another reason the nightly vino had to go? It interferes with sleep quality. Science backed, we just don't sleep as well post drinking. My sleep is crucial to my job, energy, workout performance & overall attitude. That right there is honestly more important then the extra albs I hold onto. So does that mean I had to break up with my true love Cabernet?Heck no! BUT I did have to learn the best way for ME to moderate my consumption in a way where I didn't feel deprived OR feel disappointed in my path to healthy living. How'd I do so?
  1. Know Thy Limits: in general i try not to drink more than 2 glasses at a time on any occasion. it's my line where I can get a little tipsy without feeling crappy the next day.
  2. Set Parameters: I say no Sunday-Thursday & that made the BIGGEST difference for me! Most week nights I had created the habit of throwing my stuff on the table, sighing out the long day as I pour a glass because I deserved it. I found other ways to de-stress such as taking the dog for a walk or making a hot cup of tea. It took practice & habit change but now it's no big deal.
  3. BE FLEXIBLE: if we have a weekday event I don't punish myself by saying "you can't drink on the weekdays". I stick to my no more than 2 glasses & usually go with only one. As I remind myself that work will come early tomorrow & I have a responsibility to my clients to be at my best.
  4. Don't Drink Crap: if I open a crappy bottle that doesn't please my palate, I don't drink it! Why waste the enjoyment on bad wine. Simple!
  5. Make it an Enjoyable Experience: I make sure I am in a situation where I sip the wine, not guzzle it. I also don't succumb to peer pressure to drink just because everyone else is doing it. Learned that in kindergarten right? Funny how we forget. I am a big girl & if I am not in the mood, I am not going to drink. Frankly anyone who cares I'm not drinking can buzz off.
Life is all about choices we make & prioritizing what matters. BUT be honest with yourself as to what behaviors might be getting in the way of all your hard work. I far to often find clients lying to themselves about some of these sneaky behaviors like the night "glass" (aka 2-3) of wine or just a few drinks with friends. Yes I know that trick from personal experience..This is another example of how food doesn't have to be the all or nothing diet mentality. Anytime I say "no wine", I fall into the weekend bender & repeat the cycle week after week. Feeling like a constant failure for not being able to exhibit more willpower. Who needs that? Instead I took a good look in the mirror to recognize my habits, behaviors & goals. Then found a middle ground that works for me!Any other wine lovers out there struggle with this like me? Shoot me a message to tell me how I can help!Healthy Balance LLC

5 Confessions of a Personal Trainer, Part 1

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During a recent training session with a client, the topic came up of confessing to behaviors many would assume we wouldn't have. From slightly embarrassing funny quirks to things that go along with the old "do as I say, not as I do" motto. We all have them, it's just human! For fun I thought I'd start with 5 confessions from a personal trainer & health coach:confession1. I hate ab work & skip it frequently: While I don't believe doing 500 crunches a day is worth the effort, I do think it's very important to develop strong core muscles. It reduces injury, allows for proper postural alignment, makes your stronger for heavier lifting & can give you a more aesthetically pleasing physique. Yet 9/10 I skip out on the burning ab work because I simply don't enjoy it. I would rather spend my hour on my legs or back & avoid holding a plank for minutes on end. Warning, now I am paying for it with some issues related to that weak core. Guess it's time to suck it up buttercup! Boo core work!!!41f461afad4b531fa4df3bfba731fbe02. I have dessert every night: Studies have proven that the rumored don't eat before bed, no carbs after 6pm & other similar forbidden dietary rules are simply crap. Yep none of that really matters just an FYI. However that doesn't necessarily mean that every single night of the week I need to have dessert right before I head to bed. Yet I do! It started as a test to try & regulate my blood sugar to sleep through the night (story for another post). Now it's just a pleasurable habit that I could probably do without but haven't been able to ditch. I eat a delicious Quest protein bar while laying on the sofa with my husband while we watch a comedy before bed. I look forward to it all day & take it into account calorically by eating small portions at dinner. Totally worth it!image23. I skip cardio in favor of walks: I use to be a cardio addicts, true story! For years I put in hours on the elliptical, log lots of miles & even ran a marathon. Now I have to bribe myself to put in a sweaty 20 minute session on any type of workout equipment. I try to because I would like to keep some aerobic capacity & it can help me keep my maintenance weight in check. Especially during the holiday seasons. However I LOVE walking & lately have just preferred the more gentle cardio to a pounding run or interval session. Sometimes it's good to listen to your body & ease off the peddle for a bit. But sometimes you gotta put your big girl panties on & put in the work. It's an ebb & flow.image14. I LOVE wine: People often ask me if I ever "cheat" on my diet or eat junk food. First of all I'm not really a fan of the "cheat meal" concept but honestly I enjoy what most consider to be healthy foods. Yes a pizza or greasy burger may sound good at times but I also love a really good salad or bun-less burger. I don't feel deprived, know it makes me feel better & choose foods that I'm excited to eat. So no loss on the grease. The one thing I'm not very good at turning down? Wine! There is something so relaxing about a glass of wine paired with a tasty meal. Or sitting on the patio with friends & sharing a bottle. My favorite? An evening spent cooking in the kitchen with my husband while we share a bottle (or two) & talk for hours on end. I've gone through "no drinking" phases but have found it's not worth it to ME to skip out on those moments just to have more defined abs. At least not at this point in my life. Do I drink anytime I feel like it? No! I limit it to weekends & try keep it to a few glasses with water in between.crossfit5. I'm scared to try Crossfit: While I have my professional opinion about crossfit as a sole form of fitness that's not particularly positive, I do appreciate the strength focus & community vibe it provides. I have inquired multiple times to different boxes about dropping in to try a class. How many times have I gone? Zero! I will say part of the reason recently has been injury related & I didn't want to have to overly modify or risk making it worse. But the biggest reason is it intimidates me! I'm very interested in olympic lifting & love the short metcons. Yet I am also use to being relatively quick to pick things up & being good at athletic endeavors. No I'm not great at everything by any stretch but I typically catch on pretty quick. The idea of having to modify workouts, be the weakest in the class, finish last etc has kept me from giving it a try. All the things I tell people to not let hold them back. Again do as I say not as I do...I'll save some more fun confessions for part two to keep this on the shorter side. No worries though, I have plenty more to share! Maybe a short 6th one? I totally should wash my sports bras more often. I only have 3 I like, which if I washed daily between workouts & trainings would mean a lot of laundry. So if I didn't get TOO sweaty I will let dry & re-wear...Anyone else do the same or have fun confessions to share??