Why Work With Me?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, address health concerns, heal relationship with food & exercise, behavioral changes, become educated on effective methods of training & nutrition or receive support/accountability to make this a permanent change, together we can achieve it. My passion is to work with clients on setting goals and ACTUALLY meeting them.

While my focus is creating effective workout programs & meal plans, I also believe working on behavioral changes over time is what leads to long term results. I will focus on looking at your lifestyle and walking you through the steps to become the healthiest and happiest you. Giving you the knowledge and tools to be the best you can be! Physically, mentally & emotionally, this can change your life!

My Outlook

Eat Whole Food

It’s about the quality of the food you put in your body, not just calories and mathematics. Learning to appreciate how foods affect your body, mind & mood is what drives the daily decision of committing to healthy eating. You need to know why it’s important to have real motivation!

Being Physically Active

Find what you enjoy to be the strongest you! Whether it’s walking, lifting weights, doing yoga, hiking or kayaking that makes you want to get out the door. It’s about looking at your goals and matching that to activities that you look forward to doing so. You can achieve more than you realize through consistency & hard work. You should never underestimate your abilities, we will prove you wrong!


Make health a routine and not a struggle. It takes time and practice to make changes part of the daily norm. We learn bad habits over time and we often have to re-learn or implement new habits over time. It takes practice, tracking and accountability. Once you get the basics down it takes away the stress and struggle.

Healthy Life Balance

Find your passion and peace of mind. As important as eating healthy & exercising is, other components such as sleep & stress have just as much impact on achieving your goals. A healthy life is not just about weight, it’s about how you feel mind & body!