Emma Hammond

About Me

My Personal Journey

Growing up in an athletic household I was born with a passion for fitness, competition & enjoying an overall active lifestyle. After graduating from college with my BS in Psychology & Human Services, I realized my active days of playing organized athletics were over. In its place was the average freshman 15 times 2. While I wish I could say my road to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle happened quickly, in all truth it was filled with many ups & downs along the way. After trying many a diet, over-training & dealing with body image issues, I decided it was time to slow down and make a change that would last. To reach a permanent state of improved health it meant working as hard on my mindset as it did in the gym. All while educating myself on nutrition and how to incorporate this into the lifestyle I desired. As I began to feel better, I knew I had found my passion and that I needed to share it with others.

My Professional Journey

After working as a General Manager in an organic cafĂ© for several years, I decided to make the leap to become a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist. After working in medical offices giving pre-prescribed, generic programs to everyone that came through, I found that all clients had personalized issues & questions that didn’t fit into a one size all approach. I began leading clients through small action steps focused on short & long term goals, while providing support along their personal journey. I soon realized how inspiring it is to see the growth in the gym and the kitchen and in the attitude of people looking for true wellness. This is what motivates me daily to incorporate my personal journey & professional experience to get results.